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An Open Letter to Any Company, Ever…

Like many pioneers we come to you with an earnest proposal. We are living in venomous times. The freethinking minds of today are too often restrained by invisible bars – confined by the ghostly pursuit of wealth or popularity.  We seek to evade this unfortunate trap – as you so eloquently put it in your youthful slogan.

We are an assembled team of three. Dreamers each one. Youthful, multi-talented, diverse, college-educated, eclectic and people driven. We seek the happily unpredictable. We stand upon the precipice of decision, and have opted for the road.

What we can offer is a roaming advertisement – a physical representation of your free-spirited attitude. We are willing to promote your product from our great state of Maine all the way to California. We want to develop an innovative marketing strategy that we can drive from state to state – a unique story that we can tell to the worn-out youth of America. What we ask of you is the foresight and funding to do so.

The great country in which we live would have remained unsettled if it were not for the patronage of kindly and visionary donors. We thank you for your time, and sincerely look forward to your response

Best Regards,

Christopher Miller

Timothy Cushing

Kevin Burke

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