Canada Friends

Last night was spent getting acquainted with Canada. We focused our efforts on a bar up the street from where we are staying. A band named Le Couleur was playing, and despite being oblivious to any of the songs` subject matter, we still thoroughly enjoyed the show. A man named Philip who spends his Summers on Old Orchard Beach set out to prove the fabled hospitality of Canada and bought us a plethora of drinks. He even showed us a few magic tricks. We spent the evening meeting people in the bar and playing a few epic games of foosball. We even had our new friends write points of interest on our tourist map. The bar closed at three and we wandered back to our couch.

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  1. Hi sons,
    Sounds like you’re getting off to a rousing good time! So glad you got to go to Montreal. Canadians are wonderful people but watch out for those crazy drivers.
    Love you,

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