Not a rule #4 (four) – Big things, big things.

So let me just rant real quick before Tim gets back and needs to use his computer. I haven’t had a chance to sit down and catch up with this little bloggy blog for quite some time. I would just like to go ahead and say that Georgia was beautiful. Really, I know there are some stereotypes, especially among some of the youthful dreamers I associate with, that the south is trashy and a haven for mullets and a lack of dental hygein but its beautiful, and the people are very friendly. We wandered around in the woods for an afternoon and saw a whole bunch of nature. Like an abundance of nature. We also saw a mountain that would have been absolutely delightful had they not ruined it by putting an enormous tower and tourist center at the top.

Georgia seems like forever ago now, we have been so many places and seen so much since then, and that was less then a week ago. Nawlins was a treat. We got a hotel room a short walk from the convention center and the French Quarter and hung out for part of St. Paddy’s day doing some much needed laundry and resting up for the first time in what seemed like years. But we made up for all that rest but wandering most of the city that afternoon. Our friend Ayn sent us out an a scavenger hunt that she had prepared a week in advance. Despite some sneaking suspicions that the hunt was going to lead us into a shady neighborhood and eventually to an encounter with the friendly neighborhood knifer, we pressed on. I just got to say, if you are ever down in a place like New Orleans on a trip cross country with an ill fated Subaru, and you relay this story to the locals who are wondering why you are on your hands in knees searching for clues under a rock that probably has only ever housed hepatitus, you will be an instant hit. On a trolley car headed towards the last clue we started chatting with our fellow riders who found our story and our journey to be exceedingly entertaining. By the time we exited the trolley we were trailed by the good wishes, and blessings of our co-passengers which sent us out into the night with refurbished resolve and a thirst for treasure.

Skip ahead a couple days. Currently I am sitting on a patio at the most expansive ranch, well really the only ranch I’ve ever seen, but a really big freakin’ ranch. In front of me is a nice pool and a stone arch framing a view of Texas which would make John Wayne envious. Spoiled. That’s what I am, spoiled. I love it. Tim is practicing for a show he was invited to play earlier today so we will head into Granbury for a concert, and then into Denton this evening for who knows what.

Texas: rocks, cacti, trucks, guns, horses, dogs, cheap beer, tex-mex, dirt roads, rock parks, big hats and bigger belt buckles. Big fan, big fan.


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  1. Amy

    How did you get on this ranch?

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