I am currently sitting on a couch, looking out a window, past a beautiful front porch, that looks right up Mt. Crested Butte. A mountain that hosts an abundance of extremes, which Lily (our gracious hostess) and I opted to attempt with out the use of poles. Easy peasey. Despite some buckling knees and quivering arms, curious looks and a couple falls, we made it, and made it look reeeeeaaaaalllllyyyy… hard probably, real hard. For lunch we sat out on a porch at a restaurant on the mountain called the Butte. After an encounter with the least personable and possibly the meanest bar tender I have ever met, we feasted on fried pickles and free water. The weather has been absolutely beautiful here and the temperatures have allowed T-shirts, sandals, and plenty of 40 square. The first night we were here we made the obnoxious acquaintence of a pro skier named Wiley Miller. Who was also possibly the drunkest person I have ever met. There is some debate about whether it was actually him or not, but he claimed to be Wiley, and had a terrific vocabulary for insulting girls.

In more serious news, the end of the road trip is now in sight. Not that the road tripping mind state has to be completely abandoned, but its lookin more and more like Coachella will be close to the last stop. I have started the application process to rivers and guiding companies in California, and have good friends in Tahoe who boast they have jobs and room for me to get myself going. Also I may have a real job lined up working with troubled teens. But no time to worry about all that important stuff right now, its time to get geared up, packed up, and shipped out, from Crested Butte to Denver. Next stop is with Adison who we just saw in Texas at Sean Carey’s.

Theeeeeeeennnnn after Denver it will be Salt Lake City, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon (Dad we need to work out a meeting time and your flight), then southern California. After Coachella on April 16th basically I will have to work my way north up to Tahoe and to some white water fun. MMMM Tim is cooking up some delicious ramen and tuna casserole. Chow time.

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