Onward to California

I’m in a cafe at one of the Grand Canyon’s many money pits and thought I’d give a little update. The day we left Salt Lake City, Christopher and I headed down to Bryce Canyon, and then to Las Vegas. We didn’t have a place to stay in Vegas so we drove through the night until we finally arrived here in the Grand Canyon. We have been camping for the past two nights and spent yesterday hiking down to the Colorado River and back – a feat that spans about 16 miles. We’ve experienced much wildlife here including an elk this morning, vicious thieving crows, mules and deer. We even made some friends who offered to share their Coachella campsite with us. Needless to say, there are a bunch of new pictures which hopefully will go up soon. There’s just no time now because a 9 hour drive looms before us…

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  1. Jennanananana

    Bryce canyon is beautiful!! so amazing! miss you guys!

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