funyaking fandangoes

Well children the day has come.  It actually came about one week ago, no, precisely a week ago.  The road trip has officially ended.  Well sort of. 

Allow me to divulge.  The road tripping tandem, (Tim and I obviously) is no longer intact, but the adventure is just beginning.  Now that we have left the comfort of company and couches to surf it is time to actually go out and do all the things we planned.  I don’t want to speak for Timothy but hes got some rock star stuff hes gotta go do, and i got some river bummin to do.  First things first though, I gotta get a job.  There is work to be had on the South Fork of the American river but its not peak season yet so i just gotta hold tight.  The river is fun though I had a chance to g out and paddle around with a veteran guide who taught me about the rapids and where its appropriate to dumptruck a boat load of girl scouts and where they should probably remain in the boat.

Currently I am in a library in Placerville California, just outside of Coloma where the river is.  Workin on resumes and applying for jobs is the most work I’ve done since leaving my home, my numerous jobs, and Maine.  Weeeeiiirrrrdddd.  Gotta get back on the horse though, a horse with no name, and ride it around to all 24 rafting companies in the area.  Then eat some PB and J.  Then sleep in a Subaru. With no name.

Despite a deep routed sense of uncertainty at my current juncture, I know it will all work out in a week or so.  Oh, the libraries closing, gotta be moseying.  Tim, godspeed.

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