Here some pictures from various stages of our trip from Montreal to Burlington. All these pictures are highly volatile and should not be clicked on lightly. Feel free to download them and photoshop images of your self into them, if you feel like your missing out on the journey. Free Gelato to the best photoshop entry. Bonus points for violence and/or nudity.


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2 responses to “photoluminescence

  1. Lovin’ the pics guys!! sounds like you had a wonderful time in Montreal! Keep the blogs comin, I check every day. oh and also find at least one person a day to brag about my fabulous friends that are livin’ the life & traveling. Man do I wish I was with you!! Have fun and be safe in Vermont!

  2. Amy

    So I happen to be pretty photoshop savvy so watch out because I WILL be winning free gelato … and I’m holding you to that. I’m so so so so jealous. I may be meeting you somewhere in the middle

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