Montreal Pictures

We’re getting backed up on pictures, so here are a bunch from our lengthy jaunt in Montreal, and the apartment we stayed in.


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4 responses to “Montreal Pictures

  1. Maude

    Alright, I made it on your blog! Awww, I feel special now. đŸ™‚

    I hope MontrĂ©al was as good as you had hoped it to be. It looks like a very grey place right now judging by your photos (thank you Mother nature) but believe me, it’s worth the trip in the summertime. But since Tim is going to have his big break soon, I’m sure you’ll both end up here again soon for one of his gig. And when that day comes I’ll be up there in the front row with a box of delicious timbits in my hands.

    So long Couche Tards!


  2. Maude

    oh and I have a question: how do I know whether it’s Tim or Chris who’s writting the entry on the blog?
    Coz I don’t know you well enough yet to really know your “style”.


    • Chris is the one called Ephiphone Master and Tim is ReddPandaa. We often find ourselves writing with each others accounts. For instance, we’re not quite sure who’s writing this right now.

  3. Ayn

    I’m gettin’ a little jelly of all these adventures you’re having!

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