Currently Tim and I are sitting in the radio booth at WWPV 88.7 out of Colechester Vermont. Tim is playing a few tunes from his album, future albums and the Forever Wild soundtrack. The studio is small, but lavish and comfortable after hanging out in the snow and slush all afternoon. We had a slow drive from Montreal and its wintery filled streets, almost ran out of gas close to the border, but we made it on pure adrenaline and a Nalgene filled with rocket fuel. After our arrival in the B-town we wondered with out aim, except maybe some coffee and a wi-fi connection. We did manage to find a couch to crash on despite our wet feet and failing batteries. Anyway Tim is playing his first song live right now, Dandelion Wine off Telephone lines. I can only imagine that all the female listeners are gazing longingly at their radios and Ipods with pod casts picturing Timothy in all his plaid glory. Thank you Canada. Your welcome Vermont.

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